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In February 1999 my company, Heidelberg Desktop Publishing (located in Melbourne, Australia), achieved a world-first by offering the "classic" Norton Commando motor cycling enthusiast an inexpensive way of purchasing Workshop Manuals and Parts Lists for their motorcycle, far cheaper than buying a collection of "paper" Manuals.

We produced a CD which had virtually ALL the Norton Commando workshop manuals and illustrated parts lists on it in Adobe Acrobat format, readable on any IBM-compatible PC running Windows or Windows 95 / 98 or on an Apple Mac with the Apple Mac version of Acrobat Reader.

To buy all the manuals on this CD in "paper" form, you would have had to spend maybe a thousand dollars!

Instead, we offered these manuals on CD for about the cost of a good music CD. The concept was so well-received that we have also done the same thing for BSA enthusiasts with a BSA CD, a CD for the Triumph fans, one covering AMAL-LUCAS data, and a CD for AJS/Matchless. Here they are........................

The BSA DOUBLE-CD (FOURTH EDITION) This is a MAJOR UPGRADE. There are TWO CDs in this package (our Norton, AJS/Matchless, and Amal-Lucas CDs are all SINGLE-CD units. Huge increase in data, over 60 new manuals and/or parts lists, over 1,000 new pages of Service Sheets.

The Norton CD is into its FOURTH EDITION, and now covers not just the Commando, but all the so-called "heavy-weight" twins (as opposed to the under-400cc twins) and the "classic" singles - the ES2, the International, and of course the Manx. AND, we even have a post-Commando bike covered, with the inclusion of the workshop manual for the rotary-engined Interpol 2. We now have a rebuild manual which also covers the LIGHTWEIGHT TWINS, and the Commando section is further expanded than the second edition. There is of course a complete set of factory-issued Service Sheets for the Commando (over 170 pages worth!). This is a single-CD set.

The Triumph CD is now into its FOURTH Edition, and has much more material. This CD has heaps of manuals and parts lists covering almost all models from 1934 right through to the last of the OIF models, manuals and tuning guides for the little singles, HOT UP guides for the twins and triples, and workshop and parts lists for the triples. There is NO better "single source" for Triumph in the world! This is a two-CD set.

The Lucas Amal CD This is a collection of Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals, specification sheets, and other useful data, all together on one CD for the first time. Such treasures as AMAL settings for almost all British bikes from 1933 to 1966, plus the later Concentrics, and Spare Parts lists for many of the models over the years. The Lucas files cover pretty much everything from 1936 to the 1970's, with Parts Lists, Maintenance and Repair Manuals and Technical Data sheets, and there is a SMITHS Parts List too which covers all the chronometric clocks and tachometer and speedo gearboxes from the 1950's to 1960's. I have also included data for other proprietary parts fitted to British bikes - Renolds, Girling, Champion.

The AJS/Matchless CD covers a large range of the singles and twins. As with the other CDs, workshop manuals and parts lists will help you restore or maintain your pride and joy. The CD also includes technical data and rebuild information reprinted from rare out-of-print books.


SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you buy ALL FIVE ~ email me (or write) for details.

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