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Help Kim The CD Man to preserve History

One of the things I was conscious of when I started producing these CDs was that I was helping preserve OUR motorcycling history. Maybe in 100 years there may not be any paper manuals left. Goodness knows I have trouble finding material NOW to give you the best product I can. Anyway, these CDs will help keep valuable source material available for future generations of British Bike Enthusiasts.

YOU CAN HELP! If you have anything you think I may be able to include on the CDs, and you are willing to lend it to me, or send me good, clear high-contrast photocopies, I would be most grateful, and if what you send is truly rare and worthwhile I will even send you a CD in exchange. e-mail me first though, with details of what you have.

Just one more thing, please try to avoid unauthorised copying of my CDs. I try to keep the price down so you get a fair deal, and pirating the CDs will only hurt you in the long run, because if I go out of business these Cds, and the updates I make, will be lost to the motorcycling fraternity. Thank you for your help in this regard. KIM

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