Worldwide Shipping

Classic Style specialises in shipping classic motorcycles worldwide.

We can ship a motorcycle to most countries in the world for very competitive prices. This includes a custom made wire mesh case and very careful packaging (see photographs). This ensures no problem when shipping the bike through customs.

We also offer a budget crate which is ideal for bikes requiring restoration at a substantial saving. Please email us for further details.

In transit our bikes are covered by insurance against loss to the value of $10,000 AUD, and we are also able to arrange "All Risks" policies if required. All these options will be discussed in detail with all new customers, to ensure peace of mind - we take extra care to ensure your new bike reaches you in the same condition it leaves our premises.

At Classic Style we take care of all your needs in Classic Motorcycling.

"Classic Style keeping you on the road"

For further information, email us by clicking here.